We have all experienced the challenge of creating new habits even though we may have the best intentions.  You know the story, “This year I’m going to lose weight by eating more veggies, exercising more, drinking more water, eating more protein and  having the ideal post-workout shake.”  You are probably also familiar with the common result of such lofty goals… failure.

Our habits are a result of the behaviors we practice on a consistent basis.  In order to create change for the long-term it is vital to make small sustainable steps.   Don’t shoot for the moon and beat yourself up when you fail.  The key is to set your self up for success by choosing 1 or 2 behaviors and practicing them consistently until they become a habit.  As a result of this approach, you will gain confidence and be poised to address the next behavior and turn it into a healthy habit as well.  This process can gain momentum over time and in a year you could have integrated a good number of habits into your lifestyle.

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