All One on One team members begin their tenure by going through the Personal Fitness Instructor Training Program regardless of previous experience. This is necessary to maintain a high standard of excellence as well as ensure team members are successful within our team training approach. One on One’s comprehensive training program covers all of the essential ingredients to become a true fitness professional. After completion of the training program, team members are prepared to not only deliver a One on One quality training session, but effectively manage a client’s results oriented program.

If your career plans include joining a team of professionals devoted to excellence, we would like to hear from you.  Please mail or e-mail your resume and cover letter to No phone calls, please.

“One on One sets the standard in professional development. The support I have received to develop and grow is unmatched.” – Kent Byler, team member since Feb 2020

See what our team has to say about their experience:

One on One recently recognized Gbolahan for his 5 year tenure at One on One. He’s been an exceptional team member. See what what he has to say about his education:

” I learned more about fitness in the 6 week training program than I did in 4 years of university … It was the training program that initially drew me in, and now the education never ends as the ongoing continuing education helps me be the trainer/person I am today.”

“One on One is successful because of their commitment to help you be successful. The exceptional expertise, contagious energy, and genuine spirit of caring creates an environment where people thrive.” – Katie Heilman, team member since December 2019

Training Program Outline

The training program follows a Teach – Test – Apply method, with a strong emphasis on application. Participants will learn and test through electronic content and then spend their days applying their knowledge with guidance from the One on One team. Application strategies include case studies, troubleshooting scenarios, purposeful cueing practice, and live practice clients. Our experience shows that “learning by doing” creates the fastest growth and learning.

  • The structure and function of the Kinetic Chain
  • Bioenergetics
  • The Muscle Action Spectrum
  • The Functional Training Continuum
  • 3d Movement and Chain Reaction
  • Force Production and the Core as a Routing System
  • Joint by Joint Approach
  • Postural Dysfunctions
  • Information Gathering
  • Key Training Protocols
  • Workout Templates
  • Periodization
  • Progressions
  • Case Studies
  • Objectives and Themes
  • Purposeful Cueing
  • Themes Cheat Sheet
  • Themes
  • Purposeful vs. Non-purposeful
  • Action Steps
  • Building a Foundation with the One on One Team
  • Building a Foundation with the One on One Client
  • Initial Consultation
  • The Substitute Trainer Foundation Building Meeting
  • Objectives of the Substitute Trainer Foundation Building Meeting
  • Key Terms
  • Program Management Worksheet
  • Managing an Associate Client’s Program
  • Managing a Program for Less Supervised Clients
  • Hinge
  • Squat
  • Horizontal Push
  • Vertical Push
  • Horizontal Pull
  • Vertical Pull
  • Lunge
  • Rotation