The Prize Club’s 28-day program is officially underway!

We are as excited as ever about this group. There is a strong sense of commitment and we are ready to deliver for them.

The goal for meeting 1 is to equip members to succeed with their new habits immediately. Success depends on making an accumulation of the right “in the moment” decisions one day at a time. Winning these moments depend on two keys…1.) having a powerful motive and 2.) having proper perspective.

We addressed our motives; the Prize.

We must have a powerful reason to change our habits and live a healthy lifestyle. Without a clear sense of motives, it is difficult to change our decision making. The Prize is a meaningful and timeless reason for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Members will use their Prize as a mental checkpoint to help them make better decisions in the moment.

We addressed our perspective; the Core Beliefs [Link to Follow]

Many struggle to sustain healthy habits because they don’t establish and/or maintain proper perspective. Meeting 1 illustrated some examples of proper and improper perspectives. We will consistently address perspective and relate our challenges to the Core Beliefs.

Prize Club members will address their perspective by practicing the five Core Beliefs: p1050509

  1. We must care for ourselves first.
  2. We must believe we always have choices.
  3. Have a mindset of gratitude versus deprivation.
  4. Be willing to step outside our comfort zone.
  5. Practice acceptance.

Feedback from meeting 1 has been phenomenal! Members are enthusiastic about their commitments and inspired to start doing things differently. Meeting 1 certainly delivered the inspiration necessary to launch members into success!

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