Before focusing on “what” to eat, The Prize Club helps members address “how” and “why” we eat through mindful eating education.

The goal for meeting 2 is to show members the power of making mindful eating their go-to nutrition strategy.  Why?  Because mindful eating simplifies our eating plan!  If we simply eat when we are hungry and stop when we are pleasantly full, we will accomplish our health goals. Sounds simple…and it is! The challenge is (as always) to change our mindsets and allow ourselves to create a “new normal”.

To begin, we identified what mindless eating looks like and why it is happening. Members shared mindless eating tendencies they attributed to issues such as environment, boredom, stress, and habits like snacking after dinner. The bulk of the meeting was then focused on mindful eating.  We learned what mindful eating is, the benefits of eating mindfully, and tools and strategies to help.

Prize Club members use the following strategies to help them eat mindfully:

  • The Hunger Scale to check in with our hunger cues in order to eat when we are hungry and stop when we are 80% full.
  • The Think, Choose, Act, Win Model is a quick mindfulness tool used in the moment to remind ourselves of our Prize before making a choice.
  • Mindful eating strategies prior to eating such as using the apple test to help distinguish between physical and psychological hunger.
  • Mindful eating strategies for while we are eating such as waiting 15 minutes and checking fullness levels before getting seconds.
  • Mindful eating strategies at a restaurant such as deciding on a healthy modification before the meal starts.
  • Mindful eating strategies at a social event such as planning how to use discretionary calories. For example, choosing to have dessert OR alcohol rather than both.

Mindful eating is the members’ favorite topic, but the most inspiring part of meeting 2 was the peer to peer support during our discussion. One member asked for help and alumni members were quick to provide advice and support. Another member shared she enjoys how comfortable the environment is. Others shared how they are already using their Prize and the Core Beliefs to make better choices.  This group’s passion and commitment to improving their health is admirable!

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