Eat more pasta!

Yes…you heard it right…a dietitian telling you to eat more pasta!

Stop cutting out pasta and start eating a new product that is gradually becoming more available in local stores…bean pastas. Although there are many variations, this week’s RD Kitchen is focusing specifically on black bean pasta.

Don’t let black bean pasta’s squid-like appearance scare you away…it tastes similar to regular pasta, but made from black beans!  So what makes it so good?

It’s the perfect noodle substitute.  Regular pasta contains nearly twice as many carbohydrates as black bean pasta per serving.  And if you’re a pasta lover (like most of us are) you know how hard it is to eat the right portion size.  This leads to too many carbohydrates, too many calories and not enough protein.

It’s filling. The reason we can eat plates full of white pasta is because it’s a refined carbohydrate.  It is digested and absorbed quickly, which makes us hungry soon after.  Black bean pasta is packed with fiber and protein, two nutrients that make us feel full for long periods of time.

It’s a protein source. Sick of chicken every night? Try black bean pasta topped with sauce and veggies! Just one cup provides as much as 25 grams of protein.  That’s more protein than three ounces of chicken.

It’s packed with nutrients. Iron, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin B, zinc…the list goes on! Each nutrient plays a different role in our body.  You can’t beat getting a hefty serving of nutrients in just one food.

Read our RD Kitchen: Black Bean Pasta flyer for even more benefits, some creative uses and our fall-inspired pasta recipe.