There’s something about the warmer weather that makes me want to eat salad!  Can anyone else relate?!?

There are some crazy people in this world that don’t like salad dressing (cough, cough Ryan Burke). But, most of us just can’t help ourselves. We cover the salad in our favorite dressing sabotaging our intentions of having a healthy meal.

You may be thinking “I only use vinaigrette dressings, so I’m already making a better choice!” Although vinaigrette-based dressings do contain more unsaturated (healthy) fats, they actually have similar calorie and fat content as creamy dressings. So, you are making a positive impact on your heart health, but not your weight management goals!

Start swapping your usual dressing for Bolthouse Farms creamy dressings.  They are significantly lower in fat and calories than most salad dressings. See how Bolthouse Farms compares to other leading brands:

Bolthouse Farms®
Classic Ranch

(2 tablespoons)
Hidden Valley®
(2 tablespoons)
Buttermilk Ranch

(2 tablespoons)
45 calories
3 grams fat
140 calories
14 grams fat
150 calories
16 grams fat

Read our Bolthouse Farms Dressing flyer to learn more.