Could it be that cocoa powder can help lower the risk of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) and age-related cognitive decline? Research suggests that it just might. Cocoa contains flavanols. Flavanols are a class of antioxidant, which work to reduce chronic inflammation in the body.

It’s important to remember that cocoa isn’t the same as chocolate. While chocolate contains cocoa, it also contains chocolate liquor, cocoa solids, milk, sugar, and cocoa butter. These ingredients add fat and sugar that our body doesn’t need in excess. So no, our One on One Dietitian’s are not recommending a daily snack of chocolate!

With January bringing especially cold weather this year, a mug of hot cocoa sounds like a perfect remedy. But beware, not all hot cocoa is made the same. Many brands, like Swiss Miss, have too much added sugar and are not a healthy beverage option. Check out our recipe for hot cocoa, made with pure cocoa powder and a little honey for sweetness!