Hydration is key! How many times have you heard us say that? And, how many times have we heard you say that plain water is just that – plain. If you’re looking for a way to get the benefits of hydrating with plain water without the plain taste…try Crystal Light.

Crystal Light powder provides natural flavor without packing on the calories and sugar. Check out the comparison below:

(16 oz serving)
Calories Grams of Sugar
Crystal Light

Fruit Juice


Sweetened Tea

10 calories

225 calories

190 calories

140 calories

0 grams

42 grams

52 grams

36 grams

Combine Crystal Light on-the-go packets with water to help you stay hydrated this summer.  There are Lemonade, Iced Tea, Pomegranate and other fruity flavors available in the grocery stores. Or you could combine the packets with carbonated water, fruit or herbs.  Click here to try some of these tasty combinations!

Watch out for next week’s Focus Point of the Week to learn more about sufficient hydration!