By: Sammy Griffith, RD, LDN

Can you say “edamame” five times fast!!!??? We probably should just stick to “soybeans”. If you didn’t already know, they are one in the same!

As a dietitian, I love edamame due to its high protein and fiber content. However, as a busy adult, edamame has become a staple in my diet because it’s versatile, cheap, and easy to cook.

  • A bag of frozen edamame is less than $3.00 at most major grocery stores. Check out our Eating Healthy on a Budget: Protein blog post for other helpful protein shopping tips.
  • They are quickly boiled in 3-5 minutes.
  • They make a great salad topper, dinner side, or soup addition.

I chose to feature edamame this week because it is one of my favorite snacks. When dry roasted, edamame satisfies my craving for crunch and essentially tastes like whatever it is seasoned with.

Read our RD Kitchen: Edamame flyer for more benefits, creative uses and our dry roasted edamame recipe to try at home!