Good news…warm weather is right around the corner and that means it’s ice cream season! More good news…there’s a new ice cream on the market, Halo Top®, that has fewer calories, fat and sugar!

Halo Top® is a creamy and flavorful ice cream that contains between 280 and 360 calories per pint. Check out the comparison to Ben and Jerry’s® and Häagen-Dazs®…

Halo Top® Vanilla Bean
1/2 cup serving

Ben & Jerry’s® Vanilla
1/2 cup serving
70 calories
2 grams fat
6 grams sugar
250 calories
16 grams fat
20 grams sugar

    Halo Top® Chocolate    
  1/2 cup serving  

Häagen-Dazs® Chocolate
1/2 cup serving
80 calories
2.5 grams fat
6 grams sugar
260 calories
17 grams fat
19 grams sugar

What makes Halo Top® sweet without the added sugar? Stevia, a safe “nonnutritive” (i.e. does not provide any nutritional value) sweetener.  Historically, Stevia has gotten a bad rap. However, research has proven that a 150 lb person would need to consume more than 40 packets of Stevia daily for any harmful health effects. Learn more evidence-based information about Stevia here!

You can find Halo Top® ice cream in the freezer section of Wegmans, GIANT and Weis. Enjoy!