By The One on One Team
Eating out can be a fun, social break from the ordinary. Best of all…no dishes! However, with portion sizes fit for a small sports team and questionable cooking methods, dining out can also present many challenges for those trying to lose or maintain their weight. Many times we just cannot avoid eating out. When it comes to the weight management game, we need to go in with a plan. Here are some simple tips to think about prior to dining out:

  1. At fast food restaurants, look for grilled meats or fish and avoid anything fried.
  2. At full service restaurants, choose baked dishes as opposed to grilled or fried.
  3. Order sandwiches plain, that way you can add your own condiments.
  4. If you order a sandwich, plan to lose the bread. Either eat half the bread or lose the whole thing!
  5. Always choose whole wheat or whole grain. If given a choice of style (Kaiser roll, bun, baguette or Panini), choose the one that looks the smallest. For example a wrap has less actual bread than a hoagie.
  6. Choose beans or steamed vegetables instead of fries or coleslaw.
  7. Ask waiter politely not to bring bread to table.
  8. Always choose water for your beverage.
  9. Choose a salad with dressing on the side. Ask for the simplest dressing offered (i.e. olive oil and vinegar or balsamic vinaigrette).
  10. Whenever possible, stay away from appetizers! Be aware that many appetizers can pass as a full meal! However, if you must have both an appetizer and a dinner, be prepared to share.
  11. Plan on leaving with a “doggie” bag. In fact, if possible, immediately cut entrees in half and save for another day.
  12. When ordering eggs, ask for egg whites.
  13. Avoid cream based sauces. Choose tomato based instead.
  14. Enjoy desert with a friend.
  15. Take your time and enjoy every bite!

When eating out, go in with a game plan and enjoy!

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