Ah…the holidays.  They are officially upon us.  These are wonderful times, filled with family, friends, and certainly more food than any of us need!  Unfortunately, many of us “give up” on nutritious, sensible eating during this time of year.

If our health and fitness is going to survive the holidays, we will have to go into them with a solid game plan.  Here are some tips to help you celebrate without throwing away all you have worked so hard for.

  • Find out what types of food will be there (most of us already know this from tradition), then decide which ones are special to you and which ones you will pass on. Decide in advance how much you are going to allow yourself.
  • Avoid telling others that you are “eating healthy this year.”  There is no need to draw attention to your eating habits.  Keep it low key.
  • Fill your plate heavily with veggies, fruits and lower fat foods.  Start there before moving on to your favorites.
  • Don’t say yes to all that is in front of you!
  • Plan to get some exercise.  Take a walk before or after your holiday meals to keep your metabolism in check.
  • Have a healthy snack before you go to a holiday party or meal.  This will help to curb any cravings.
  • If you are the cook, avoid nibbling all day.
  • If you are the cook, try some new lighter recipes.  Just don’t tell your guests until they are fully stuffed and struggling to stay awake on the couch!
  • If you are not cooking, offer to bring a dish…something that you can fill up on without feeling guilty.
  • Moderate your drinking.  One simple strategy is to have a glass of water in between every alcoholic beverage.
  • Remember, you can always regroup!  We can easily lose control after we succumb to that initial temptation.  Don’t throw in the towel.
  • Take time to relax and manage stress.  We often eat as a result of stress and emotions.

Remember, the holidays are a time for celebration and giving…not taking in!

Happy Holidays!


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