This week’s meeting topic focused on “what” to eat.  Although concepts like creating a powerful prize, practicing the Core Beliefs, and mindful eating are the cornerstones of The Prize Club, it is important to be able to distinguish good food choices from bad.

The goal for meeting 3 was to help members understand how to create a sustainable eating plan that allows us to control calories, meet our nutrient needs, and leave us feeling satisfied.  The way to do it is eat low calorie-dense foods!

The calorie density of food is the number of calories per gram of food.  High calorie dense foods have more calories per bite; low calorie dense foods have less calories per bite.  There are four categories of calorie density: very low, low, medium and high.  See the Calorie Density chart to learn how to eat and see examples of each category.

One of the many benefits of The Prize Club is that members have access to a Registered Dietitian.  This meeting gave members the opportunity to get all their nutrition-related questions answered by a professional – and the members took advantage of it!  The hour-long meeting was packed with education and Q&A as they learned how to develop a sustainable plan.

With just one meeting left in the program, members are eager to gain ownership over our main concepts, especially the Core Beliefs.  This week, members will be completing a three day Core Belief activity asking them to do four things:

  1. Read the Core Beliefs in the morning before the day starts.core-beliefs
  2. Intentionally practice the Core Beliefs during the day.
  3. Use reflection questions to assess how the day went.
  4. Commit answers to paper.

Members will be sharing their experience at Meeting 4.

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