By: Ryan Burke



Tiger Woods made the following comment after missing the cut at the 2014 PGA Championship:

“Well, I need to get stronger. As I said the other day, I need to get my glutes strong again, my abs and my core back to where I used to have them. They are just not quite there yet. Obviously by playing, you can’t burn the candle at both ends. I need to get stronger physically and be back to where I was.”

Whether you love Tiger or hate him, he is making a valid point. He’s stressing the importance of being fit, as well as the importance of focusing on your glutes and core. At One on One, we define fitness as “being able to do what you reasonably want to do for the rest of your life.” Right now, Tiger’s physical fitness is keeping him from doing what he wants to do…… win professional golf tournaments. This is a good reminder for all of us to consider what “being fit” means to us. Defining fitness makes us think about the long term and provides motivation to do what we need to stay fit.

Since this is a golf related topic, I can’t miss the opportunity to stress the importance for golfers to engage in a structured exercise program. Tiger is recognizing that in order to play better golf, he needs to focus on his fitness first. Many golfers look to their golf swing mechanics first and often ignore their fitness. A fitness program that focuses on joint mobility, abdominal strength, and rotational power will help golfers play better and extend their career without pain or injury.

What does being fit mean to you? Any comments, thoughts, or responses are greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading!