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Do you have core beliefs?

In the post, “Lessons Learned in 2016”, I mention that I learned about my beliefs in 2016. This doesn’t mean that I lived without a belief system for the first 26 years of my life, but it was powerful to give this serious thought and formally write it out.

I had a perspective changing moment when I realized that it is impossible to live an intentional, joy-filled life without knowing what’s most important to me. It was so profound that I want to share it with others so they can, if needed, perhaps travel a similar road.

Here are some of my carefully considered core beliefs:

I believe I was purposely created by a higher power whom I name God. He is a loving God that warrants my allegiance, attention, and service.

I exist to live and help others live healthful, joyous, and fulfilling lives. This purpose should drive my decision making and behaviors.

I believe that my level of stress and anxiety measure my distance from God.

I believe that I have choices and am not a victim. I am captain of my own ship and must live with the positive and negative consequences of my choices.

I believe in service. Giving completely without expecting anything in return fills me up.

I believe that I must care for myself first. If I’m mentally or physically sick, how can I possibly serve, lead, teach, or inspire?

I believe in relationships. It’s in relationships that we experience many joys of life and learn about ourselves.

I believe that most of our self-inflicted pains are consequences of ego and/or fear. I also believe that resentment is truly a soul sickness.

These Core Beliefs are my rock.

I make daily decisions through the lens of these beliefs, directing my life in an intentional way. As “life happens,” I can resort to these beliefs to help navigate my way through challenges.

I would imagine that as I age these beliefs could change. For now, this is working for me. Do your actions align with your beliefs?