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By The One on One Team

Last Updated 8/27/23

Most of us would agree that staying on track with our fitness and nutrition commitments is more difficult over the weekend. There are a variety of reasons why the weekends pose unique challenges. However, our experience has taught us that more often than not, a lack of accountability and structure is to blame. Workouts with your trainers may provide multiple check-ins throughout weekdays, but do you have a plan in place to ensure you are committing to your Healthy and Happy” over the weekend?

To set yourself up for success over the weekend, first identify your roadblocks:

  • Does the constant availability of food at home lead to mindless snacking?
  • Does the lack of structure on the weekend make it easier to stay on the couch all day?
  • Do you tell yourself that weekends are “cheat days”, allowing yourself to eat whatever you want, without regard to how it makes your body feel?
  • Do you have less accountability over the weekend, making it easier to succumb to bad habits?

After identifying your personal challenges, be proactive! Create a plan to tackle your roadblocks and ensure that you are set up for success over the weekend.

Consider the following strategies to maximize your weekend:

  • Jump start your day with a workout. Join the One on One community by participating in Small Group Training or Sweat and Stretch!
  • Create a personal goal for how many steps you will take over the weekend.
  • Eat every 3-4 hours. Less structure on the weekends tends to mean skipped meals and snacks—a recipe for overeating at mealtimes.
  • Pre-portion your snacks for the day to prevent mindless overeating.
  • Make plans with friends or family to get outdoors and get moving by going for a bike, run, or walk.
  • Create accountability. Ask your friend, family member, or trainer to hold you accountable to your commitments.

For this week and moving forward, take inventory of your weekend habits. Are they aligned with your “Healthy and Happy”? If so, great! Keep moving forward. If not, consider which strategies would best help to keep you on track. Overall, it’s important to ensure you’re living your “Healthy and Happy” every day of the week!