Everyone is a winner!

Whether we made our goal of 85% success or not, we have all started down the path of better health through better nutrition. It is our sincere hope that everyone continue to make small, manageable modifications to their eating habits for the long-term. For those of us who didn’t quite make our goal of 85%, a $20.00 donation to YSB or CVIM doesn’t feel too bad either!

And the winner is…. JoAnne Westerhaus! She accomplished her goal and wins two tickets to the Elton John concert! Congratulations Joanne!

Also, congratulations to Dana Henderson, Lie-Ken Lee, Marie Kamp, Walter Cheatle and Alexa Stefanou (winner of the special, end of contest prize). They each win a $25.00 Harrisons gift certificate!

We love what we do at One on One… and are very grateful to what is truly a special group of people.