Paige and Sammy went live at One on One and on Facebook to educate about preventing diabetes. By improving your nutrition habits and increasing physical activity, you could decrease your risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes by 58%.  The RD’s educated a large audience about how to improve your diet and prevent this lifestyle disease.

Here are some highlights (video timing in parenthesis):p1060830

  • Sammy lead an interactive demonstration to describe Type 2 Diabetes’ impact on blood sugar. (3:03 – 6:15)
  • Weight management has the biggest impact on reducing your risk for developing diabetes. (12:38 – 15:53)
  • Our frequency of eating, what we eat and how much we eat all impact our blood sugar regulation and our risk. (15:53 – 34:38)
  • Use MyPlate to simplify our recommendations and improve your daily food choices. (39:57 – 45:00)

Click here to see the presentation slides.

If you missed it live, go to One on One’s Facebook page to watch the presentation.