gft_logo_224We feel extremely fortunate to live and prosper in such a vibrant, exciting community. State College has been very good to us. Accordingly, we have always looked for ways to share our good fortune with others. This year, we have decided to take our sharing to a higher level through our “Give Back” initiative.”Give Back” is simply our commitment to be leaders in our community; to do our share to care for it in ways more significant than just donating money. Our first step has been to create a Group Training Program here at One on One where the participants make their payments directly to one of our favored charities, either the Youth Service Bureau or Centre Volunteers in Medicine.It has been quite successful and feels great! Our next step is to help our local law enforcement officials have access to our expertise as fitness professionals. We intend to provide seminars, group instruction and regular support to our local police officers. Their jobs are both challenging and dangerous. The shooting in Cato Park last year really brought it home for us. We are grateful for their service and want them to know it.Times are certainly tough. Our first instinct is often to retrench and give less. Let’s not run with the rest of the herd. If you have an idea on how One on One can make a difference, we want to hear about it. Nothing feels better than creating an opportunity to “Give Back.”