By Kym Burke and Ryan Burke of One on One

Golf is a common summertime activity that those of us who live in the Northeast can’t participate in year-round. The physical demands of golf are much different than what most of us experience in our regular daily routines. Therefore, it makes sense that at least a portion of our fitness training be spent preparing our bodies for the specific physical stresses we will encounter while enjoying this hobby.

Although there are many issues we address at One on One to get a golfer ready for the season, poor hip mobility is one of the most common. If a golfer lacks the ability to internally rotate their pelvis, they will “slide” through the ball on both their back swing and follow though. Using the “Golfer’s Twist” and single-leg torso rotation exercises, the golfer can be trained to move freely through this range of motion.

Golfer’s Twist (Two-leg Torso Rotation)


While maintaining an athletic ready stance (as if addressing the golf ball), hold a medicine ball firmly on chest. Rotate hips and shoulder as one unit approximately 15 degrees past the mid-line left, then back to 15 degrees past the mid-line right. Once you have established good “endpoints” for this movement pattern, try to complete one repetition per second for twenty reps.

Single-Leg Torso Rotation


While balancing on one leg, hold a medicine ball firmly on chest and slowly rotate hips and shoulders as one unit as far as possible to the “open” side. Then, reverse directions to rotate to the “closed” side. Perform eight to ten repetitions on each side. (You will not be able to rotate as far to the closed side as the open side).

Please contact us if you have any questions about these or any other sport/activity specific exercises or training programs.