What is “Give Back”?

“Give Back” is simply our commitment to be leaders in the community and do our share to care for it. This program allows us to leverage our charitable giving by providing professional services for no more than a donation to one of our charities, either the Centre County Youth Service Bureau or Centre Volunteers in Medicine.

How can you get involved?

As an individual:

  • “Give Back” Group Training – Unlimited participation in all Group Training classes for a $100 monthly donation.  Do yourself a favor and come join us for a great workout and find out why our participants get such amazing results. You’ll have a great time and feel good about giving back to our community as well.

As an organization (Create an Employee Wellness Program):

  • Sponsor employees for One on One’s “Give Back” Group Training. For a charitable donation of $100/month an employee can take advantage of the full class schedule of One on One’s “Give Back” Group Training program.
  • The One on One Lecture Series – Arrange for the fitness experts at One on One to provide an educational lecture for your staff. Choose from such topics as “Healthy Fit Workplace”, “Weight Management: What You Need to Know”, “Your Personal Mission Statement: A Roadmap for Success” and “Thriving as You Age.”

Create your own “Give Back” campaign!

  • Identify your objectives
  • Choose your charities
  • Choose your services

If you would like to find out more about how to participate or create a program of your own, contact us at info@oneononefit.com.


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