A few weeks ago, several of us attended an international conference organized by IDEA. The event was filled with sessions taught by some of the most outstanding pioneers in our field. Those of us in attendance walked away absolutely soaked with the latest research-based concepts in personal training.

It has always been a pleasure for me to attend these events with our staff. I love the looks I get from across the room when a presenter touches on something we insist upon at One on One. During one particular session, the presenter asked the question, “What do you want to be famous for? How do you want to be remembered?” He threw out “legendary customer service” as an example. “Do you want to be legendary with regards to your customer service?”

Many of our clients have described One on One as the “Cheers” of fitness facilities. We have worked very hard over the years to establish policies and procedures that ensure our culture and atmosphere are maintained… whether Bruce or I are in the house or not. We have become “legendary” for our customer service.

So the question is…how will the legacy be maintained for generations to come? It can’t be simply about policies and procedures. It’s got to be about continuing to hire those people that have a deep desire to serve. I think you would all agree that our current generation of staff members possess just that.

I am confident that long after Bruce and I are gone, the legend of One on One’s customer service will live on because the heart of the One on One staff member will always be to serve.

Kym Burke; co-owner of  One on One