Kym Burke, co-owner One on One    Monica C. Montag, MA, HHP, CN

One on One, Fitness Consultants Inc of State College proudly announces a new partnership with BeWell Associates to address one of the emerging crises in health care, diabetes.

Together they have designed a program that yields predictable results.  Through a combination of personal training and a customized nutrition program, clients are dropping pounds, changing body chemistry  ( including reducing blood sugars, triglycerides, and blood pressure) and decreasing or ceasing medications such as Metformin, Avandia, Insulin and others.

Monica Montag, MA,HHP,CN, owner of BeWell Associates in State College and  has over twenty years of experience as a clinical nutritionist.  She designs the nutrition programs that are integral for success, using a combination of diet and supplements that are customized for each client.  If there is a need for more specific information about the metabolic state of a client, she is able to assess those using urinary Organic Acids testing and blood testing for hidden food sensitivities or amino acid imbalances.  Her program for reversing Insulin Resistance and Metabolic Syndrome is safe and effective.

Since 1986 One on One, Fitness Consultants Inc has had the privilege of helping thousands of individuals achieve their health and fitness goals. For further information visit  or stop in at 424 West Aaron Drive, State College. By phone they can be reached at (814) 234-1625.