Race to the North Pole 2012: Bonus Question of the Week

Match the trainer with the fun fact:
***Match 13 out of 17 to receive 5 bonus points.

1) Kym
2) Adam
3) John

A. I did a season on a cheerleading squad and performed in a competition during my early teenage years. 
B. I spent three years in Orange County, CA.
C. I’ve been to six different countries in Europe, including Germany, the Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, France, and the Netherlands.


4) Alyson
5) Lonny
6) Carol

A. I won a prize in a poetry competition.
B. I have been a dancer for over 25 years and performed in Walt Disney World as part of Magic Music Days several times.
C. Owns a 69 Camaro SS (Indy Pace Car Replica).


7) Andy
8) Brett
9) Heather

A. I swam with sting rays in costa maya.
B. I used to cook at a BBQ restaurant.
C.  Before working at One on One I competed with professional artists.


10) Brian
11) Will
12) Ryan
13) Jon

A. I  have gone on three free trips (2 cruises to the Bahamas and 1 resort stay in Costa Rica).
B. I am half Italian.
C. I started taking guitar lessons at age six.
D. I have completed four triathlons and two tough mudders.


14) Callie
15) Janell
16) Bruce
17) Liz

A. I was a member of the Judo club in college.
B. I’m a horrible football player but love watching it.
C. I caught a 50 pound sailfish.
D. My GPA was ranked 124th out of 125 in my junior year of high school.

Email your answer to your Team Captains or  drop your answer in the RTNP Bonus Question of the Week drop box located at One on One’s front desk or by the Minitab Fitness Center bulletin board.


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