Race to the North Pole: Week One Results

Week One of the Race to the North Pole is complete! All of the teams are off to a great start. Be sure to continue recording your points and answering the Bonus Question of the Week. Let’s have another great week!

Comet                6550

Blitzen               6155

Prancer            6115

Dancer              6050              

Dasher               5785

Cupid                 5570

Vixen                 5450       

Bonus Question for the Week:

In which chronological order did the following fitness fads occur?

A. The Vibrating Belt
B. Wii Fit
C. Richard Simmon’s “Sweatin it to the Oldies”
D. Jane Fonda Aerobics
E. P90x
F. Thighmasters
G. One on One

The answer to last week’s question:

According to this week’s Focus Point of the Week, EPOC – How to Burn More Calories at Rest, what are the three strategies recommended to get the most out of your training and increase EPOC?

B. Optimize your cardio training, Incorporate a high intensity “finisher” at the end of your strength training, Take care of  your body.