Race to the North Pole: Week One Results

Week One of the Race to the North Pole is complete! All of the teams are off to a great start. Be sure to continue recording your points and answering the Bonus Question of the Week. Let’s have another great week!

Dasher               5635

Comet                5575

Cupid                 5490

Rudolph           5135

Prancer            5050

Dancer              4820 

Blitzen              4685

Donner             4475   

Vixen                 4345


 The answer to last week’s Bonus Question:

Rank the following holiday treat in order from most to least calories per serving.

A. Hot Chocolate – 390 calories/serving
B. Sugar Cookie – 160 calories/serving
C. Chocolate Chip Cookie – 120 calories/serving
D. Peanut Butter Blossom – 80 calories/serving