Ever feel like you just don’t have it during a workout? Ever begin to feel lightheaded? If so, it is most likely because you neglected to fuel yourself properly before you trained. Proper pre-workout nutrition will significantly improve your training performance.

Consuming a high carbohydrate snack approximately one hour before a workout is best. This gives your body enough time to digest and convert the carbohydrates into fuel. If you eat too close to a workout, the food will likely still be in your stomach, making the energy less readily available. If you eat too early, your body could store the carbohydrates for later use in the form of body fat.

Although there are many options, a pre-workout snack bar can be both convenient and effective.

The “perfect” pre-workout bar is one that contains 20-40 grams of carbohydrate, <5 grams of protein and <5 grams of fat. It’s high in carbohydrates for fuel, low in protein (protein is an inefficient fuel source), and has a minimal amount of fat, which slows digestion. Check out our flyer for RD-approved pre-workout bar brands.

Try our taste test this week which features three RD-approved bar brands. Choose your favorite and use it to fuel your next workout!