There is a fine line between competing and solely focusing on our performance. When we compete, we focus on what others are doing. Too often, our actions are driven by the actions of others. Competition is reactive by nature. When we compete we are often too focused on the outcome. What will happen if I win? What will happen if lose? What will others say?

When we focus on performance, we look inwardly. Our actions are proactive and based on a greater sense of purpose and vision. This greater purpose and vision is the catalyst for action. When running a race, for example, we must run our own race…not focus on what others are doing. When focusing on others, we become reactive and potentially less effective.

When you focus on your performance, you set the bar. You are only in competition with your own personal best. You are essentially chasing your own tail, not someone else’s! The anxiety and stress of competition can be mind-numbing. Imagine how free our minds can be when we focus solely on our own, personal performance without any distraction.

Health and fitness goals are made in an attempt to better yourself for a specific purpose. Identify where and who you want to be, then focus on the strategies to get there. How many times per week should you exercise? How many meals should you eat? When should you eat? What should you avoid? This will put your goals with-in greater reach with less stress and anxiety.

It may not be a bad idea to take this approach with all areas of your life!


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