As a father and employer, I see more than my share of procrastination. As such, I am obligated to do my best to help these very important individuals learn the pitfalls of procrastination and give them strategies to overcome this damaging character defect.

As we all know, procrastination is simply putting off a responsibility until the last possible minute. What we don’t all seem to know (at least in the very front of our minds) is that, no matter what, we are eventually going to have to take action to fulfill this responsibility. If that is true (as we know it is), then why do we allow ourselves days, weeks, months, years to carry this baggage around in our head? It is always there, gnawing at us…encroaching on our serenity and self-esteem.

That should be reason enough not to procrastinate, but what about this one; if you’re going to have to do something, no matter what, why wait for the inevitable consequences of procrastinating? If I instruct one of my kids or an employee to do something, why flirt with purchasing the bad will (or worse) that goes along with having to be reminded? After all, YOU’RE GOING TO DO IT ANYWAY! Might as well make a deposit in the emotional bank account instead of a withdrawal, don’t you think?

Here is a scenario that I have run into many times.

A deadline is mutually established and the individual waits until the last day to get to work and fulfill their responsibility. Then comes the inevitable medical emergency, computer problem or who knows what, and the individual feels they should be magically absolved of this deadline and responsibility. They have an excuse for failing, and anyone that expects otherwise is an unreasonable, miserable you know what. Well, that has been me many times. I am amazed at how convicted they are of their righteousness!

If you choose to procrastinate thinking the world will stop revolving and cater to your schedule and desires, that is up to you. But accept responsibility when it doesn’t…it is nobody’s fault but your own.

Remember,  if you have to do it, you will do it, no matter what. Might as well do it and make that deposit!