As many of you may or may not know, January is National Organization Month. In the spirit of getting, being, and staying organized, I thought I would share a great tip a co-worker and I learned last week. While sharing some of our strategies, we realized an important concept when it comes to organizing your week. The concept is simple; stay disciplined to your schedule. If you make something a priority and put it on your “to do list”, commit to it and take action, no matter what life throws at you.

In most cases, if you schedule your priorities appropriately you will have no problem getting them done or taking some action on them. However, as we all know, life tends to throw us curve balls making it hard to stay on task. When this happens, staying disciplined to your schedule may mean working late into the night to complete your task. This is not a bad thing…you got your work done!

Staying disciplined also encourages communication with others. For example, if the one spot in your week you had blocked out to work on a project gets utilized for something else more time sensitive, you can take action by immediately communicating to your direct report and letting them know you need help or may have a tough time meeting your deadline. Instead of waiting until the last minute to tell your boss you are behind, you can notify him/her in a timely manner and hopefully get his/her help. This is a very proactive approach to your work. It has the power to turn a potentially negative situation into a positive one, while making a deposit in your leader’s “emotional bank account.”

Staying disciplined to your schedule means making a commitment to yourself and following through with it. This is known as “integrity with yourself” and is one of the best ways to generate self-confidence and success!

Prioritize your schedule. Schedule your priorities. Stay disciplined to your schedule. Get things done and move forward. What a great feeling!


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