By The One on One Team

You’ve worked hard all year, and now you finally get to enjoy your summer vacation. Getting away from the daily grind is rejuvenating and beneficial to your health. Besides taking a break from the stresses of work, you get to take a break from your usual workout routine. Why not try something new? There are a variety of ways to get a great workout without even feeling like you’re exercising. Here are some suggestions:

•Walk on the beach – Not only does the sand feel good under your feet, but your body has to work a lot harder to move across this unstable surface.
•Water skiing – Holy core exercise! Simply getting up to a standing position requires mucho leg strength and core stabilization.
•Beach Volleyball – The constant starts and stops from changing direction with the occasional dive in the sand make this aerobic sport one of the best beach calorie burns.
•Surfing – Burn calories and strengthen those arms while paddling into waves. Let’s not forget the awesome leg and core action needed to get up and stay up on the board.
•Kayaking/Canoeing -Get ready, get set and race a friend because the faster you paddle the more calories you burn.
•Hiking – Get in touch with nature and take in some fresh air while you trek up the mountain.
•Golf – Somebody weighing 160lbs will burn about 300 cal/hr if they walk and pull their golf cart.
•Bike Ride – Spend a few dollars on a bike rental and bond with your loved ones as you feel the wind in your hair.
•Roller Blading – The vigorous pumping of the arms and legs allow a 150lb person to burn an impressive 800 cal/hr.
So You Want to Continue to Strength Train on Vacation?

No gym where you’re heading? Don’t worry, The One on One team can help you stay fit without the dumbbells. Meet with your trainer to discuss how you can set up resistance tubing in your room or out on the deck and discover body weight exercises you can do anywhere without equipment.

What Will Happen If I Don’t Exercise?

If you don’t exercise, how fast will you lose strength and endurance? What will happen to your fitness? Below are some general guidelines from the American College of Sports Medicine:

•Aerobic power can decline 5-10% in three weeks.
•All your gains may be lost after 2 months of inactivity.
•You tend to lose aerobic capacity at a quicker rate than muscular stength.
Taking a week off from your workouts probably won’t make a huge difference, but taking any more time off can make getting back to your previous fitness levels difficult. Finding ways to stay active on vacation will keep you fit and make the transition back to your everyday life much easier.