What will best prepare your youth athlete for their upcoming season?  One on One’s SAQ Attack 2011 offers expert instruction designed to help them compete at a high level, while minimizing the risk of injury. Our experience has prepared us to deliver exceptional training in a dynamic atmosphere, creating superior results.

Throughout these four-week programs, athletes are:

  • Educated on the importance of athletic readiness
  • Taught the fundamentals of athletic movement through indoor and outdoor drills
  • Taught how to prepare for and recover from training and competition
  • Better prepared for the demands of athletic sports

SAQ Attack 2011 Phase 1: Basic Training

In this session, emphasis is put on preparing the participant to move like an athlete in a positive and encouraging environment. The foundation of every sport includes fundamental movement skills such as running, jumping, balance, agility, reaction and hand-eye coordination. This training program will focus on the development of these basic motor skills, building core stability and usable coordinated strength.

SAQ Attack 2011 Phase 2: Field Intensive Training

In this session, emphasis is on moving like an athlete. Building on Basic Training’s foundation of fundamental movement skills, this program will focus on increasing speed, improving agility, reaction and quickness.  Field Intensive Training sessions look and feel more like sport.

Our experienced team is committed to preparing each participant to be their best.


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