He or she will:

1.            Be better prepared to meet the performance demands of their sport through our systematic and creative approach to performance enhancement.

2.            Improve the fundamental movement patterns and motor skills (i.e., running, jumping, balance and coordination) that are the foundation of any athlete’s success.

3.            Be less susceptible to injury.

4.            Improve core stability and develop usable, coordinated strength (not just “gym” based strength).

5.            Optimize their reaction, agility and quickness by improving their ability to decelerate, stabilize and accelerate.

6.            Improve their speed by increasing strength and sprinting mechanics.

7.            Learn how to prepare for and recover from training and competition with proven movement prep and regeneration techniques.

8.            Enjoy a positive and encouraging environment, while being inspired by a group of like-minded athletes focused on making the most of their off-season training.

9.            Have fun!

10.          Make their fall sport coach happy!

Our experienced team is committed to preparing each participant to be their best.


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