Written By: Bruce Burke

I was struck today with just how much I take “time” for granted. In fact, I often find myself spending my days preparing for the future, almost as if I was prepping for “the big game”. What I constantly seem to forget is that this is the big game. It is amazing how easily I can let weeks and months slip by without really appreciating how precious each day is.

How about you? How often do you take stock of your behaviors, habits and realities? Are you living life like it is the “big game”, or do you take the blessing of time for granted?

Going forward, I intend to remind myself each day of how important “today” is. My goal is to put a smile on God’s face each and every day. I know I can do that if I am being…

  • Grateful…I am blessed with good health, love, friendship and opportunity. I must show my gratitude by nurturing these things.
  • Accepting…of life and people as they are.
  • Of Service …by getting out of myself and making a positive impact on the lives of others.

I am not a religious person, but I have found that when I actively try to grow spiritually, I am happiest. If I can walk this walk, I know it will be pleasing to God.

I was moved to write this for myself, but hope it serves as a positive reminder to anyone who reads it.


Bruce Burke is One on One’s Founder. He can be contacted at Bruce@oneononefit.com