Whether you golf casually or competitively, you’ve probably considered how to improve your game. Taking lessons or hiring a swing coach might be the first possibilities that come to mind, since better techniques lead to better golf! But researchers at the Titleist Performance Institute have shown that many golfers are limited not by their technique, but by underlying movement dysfunctions.

Sub-optimal golf swings, for example, can be caused by a variety of fitness problems such as a mobility restriction, lack of muscle strength, or poor balance/stability. In order to really improve your game, you must train your body to accommodate the motions of golf.tpilogo_home

Ryan Burke, One on One’s TPI Certified Golf Fitness Professional, is highly qualified to help you identify and correct areas of physical dysfunction that influence your golf game.

First, we evaluate your movement capabilities with the TPI Golf Screen. This comprehensive series of tests measures the movement capabilities of your body, testing hip mobility, shoulder rotation, spinal stability, and a wide range of other movements and skills involved in golf. Ultimately, the screen helps us identify movement or strength restrictions that can cause you pain or weaken your game.

After we’ve diagnosed any movement dysfunctions, we will design a fitness program that is specific to you and your golf game. Your fitness program will consist of gym-based workouts, “to go” programs, and pre-/post-game routines. These programs are designed to correct movement dysfunctions, improve strength and power, and prepare the golfer for practice sessions and golf rounds.

Together, the TPI screen and One on One’s comprehensive fitness programming will give you your best chance to improve flexibility, stability, strength, power, and ultimately your golf game.

For more information, contact Ryan at ryan@oneononefit.com


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