Did you happen to catch the key word in the title, “Successful”? So often people go into the holiday season with a “survivor’s mentality”. Let’s just survive the holidays and hope to minimize the damage. This year, let’s take a different approach.

Let’s face it; there are many potential roadblocks (cookie exchanges, holiday office parties, travel, etc.) that can easily derail you from your healthy objectives. The following is a list of tips on how to succeed with your health/fitness during this potentially challenging time.

1. Keep what is most important in the front of your mind. You are not sacrificing anything by only having one cookie or a half a piece of cake. The benefits of being fit and feeling good about yourself far outweigh any short-term gastronomic experience!

2. Make a plan to stay active. Schedule your “formal” exercise sessions well in advance and respect the appointment. Saying “I’ll do it later” is a trap.

3. Arrange to workout with a friend, trainer, or group. We often find it easier to let ourselves down than someone else. Take advantage of the accountability.

4. Keep your metabolism in check with plenty of informal exercise.

  • Take a walk with family and friends before or after your holiday meal.
  • Park your car as far from store entrances as possible and do an extra lap inside the mall
  • Engage in some good ‘ole fashioned winter play time ~ ice skating, sledding, cross country skiing.

5. Be purposeful in your meal choices, portion sizes and times that you eat. Stick to your schedule as much as possible and resist skipping meals.

6. Make your regular meals as simple as possible.  For example, have the same thing everyday for one or two of your meals such as breakfast or lunch. Why? You know the exact nutritional value, your decisions and shopping are simplified (less room for unplanned, on-the-run poor food choices), and your appetite and cravings are dampened by less variety. You’ll be getting plenty of variety and treats throughout the holidays at other times!

7. For special meals and parties, take a look at all the available food and pick the items you really want.  Make a plate of food, consume it deliberately and then enjoy other aspects of the gathering. Try to resist “picking” or “munching” all day/evening.  .

8. Drink plenty of water. Dehydration and hunger often share similar characteristics.  If you find yourself tired, cranky or unable to concentrate, have a big glass of water.  Wait 15 minutes.  If you feel better, you were likely dehydrated.  If not, a snack may be in order.  Staying hydrated is especially important if you are enjoying a little more “holiday cheer” than usual.

9. Get enough quality sleep. This will help reduce stress and shift your body to a positive hormonal balance.

10. Appreciate the good fortune in your life. Celebrate the victories of 2012 and find fulfilling ways to share them with others.

On that note, we would like to thank all of you for making One on One such a special place.

Happy Holidays!


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