For those of you in attendance at last week’s presentation by Bruce Burke and Jeff Buxton, Your Personal Mission Statement: a Roadmap for Success, I am sure you are looking a bit differently at how you approach your days. You couldn’t help but walk away from the evening’s talk inspired to take a good hard look at how you conduct yourself on a daily basis. Do your behaviors line up with who you want to be? What is your character?

A very wise friend of mine once told me, “If you’re not working on your character, then be ready to become one.”

Character can be described as a summation of one’s habits. Habits are simply behaviors practiced over time. So the question becomes, “What are you in the habit of doing?”
I asked myself this very question a few months ago. I was pleasantly surprised by some of my answers. I like the fact that the moment my eyes open in the morning, I thank God for the day. You see, I used to wake up, turn off the alarm and think to myself “Oh boy…another day…I wonder how this one is going to go?” Talk about a defeatist attitude! I had my mind set on avoiding defeat as opposed to expecting victory.

Take a look at your habits, identify which ones are adding to your happiness and throw the rest away!