Have you ever been in a place where fear has hindered your desire to change? What did you do the moment came that your desire to change overcame your fear? I was in my car, after another lunch out, and decided I was tired – tired of feeling badly about myself and my habits. I had heard about One on One through friends and decided to stop by to get information. It was the best decision I’ve made in a long time!

I started my journey in December, 2011 with 24 personal training sessions. I wasn’t sure what to expect and was self conscious, thinking I would be out of place. One on One isn’t like that at all! All the trainers knew me by name from my first session (even before I knew anyone) and the other clients were so friendly and encouraging. They worked with my variable schedule and I had the opportunity to work with a variety of trainers. A functional movement assessment was completed and I was asked about where I was having issues and what my goals were. By the end of the first 24 sessions I was hooked! I was feeling good, making significant progress towards my goals and loved getting to know people. I look forward to seeing my fitness familia!

I decided to continue with the personal training sessions three times a week throughout 2012 and was seeing how my exercises connected with my activities outside of the gym. Then the Race to the North Pole arrived. I made the commitment to get the max points per week for my team. For me that meant facing a self imposed barrier of attending group training classes and coming into the gym to workout by myself. Everyone was so supportive! In group, exercises were modified if necessary and my trainers were so great about modifying my personal training program so I would continue to meet my goals without overtaxing myself. Although the Race has come and gone, I continue to get to the gym seven days a week and love being healthy and strong!

There several qualities that separate One on One Fitness from other local gyms. They have a strong commitment to the whole fitness experience and dedication to helping their clients succeed. The individualized attention we receive from our trainers is outstanding and we never feel that our workouts are ‘cookie cutter’. The education provided through discussion with the trainers and the ‘Focus Points of the Week’ is invaluable. The experience has shaped my mind, body and spirit!

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