In early July of 2017, I came to the realization that, in order to live my life to its fullest, I needed some serious help to get back into shape. At 357 pounds, daily tasks were becoming increasingly more difficult as my weight continued to climb, and I could feel a rapid decline in my health. I considered weight loss surgery, but knew it would be nothing more than a short-term fix. I had “dieted” and “exercised” in the past, but always had doubts as to whether I was doing the correct exercises, and working at the correct pace and intensity to lose weight in a safe, healthy manner.   

Since beginning at One on One, I have already begun to see the results of my hard work, losing twenty-two pounds in three weeks! The time and effort I’m putting into building a healthier future is paying off for me at each and every visit. While I completely understand why many people who are overweight shy away from gyms and exercise, I’m here to tell you that my experience with One on One Fitness has been nothing short of amazing.

From the initial fitness and nutrition consultations, I felt totally comfortable and knew I had found the right place and right people to help me achieve my goals.  Now, I leave One on One after my fitness sessions feeling challenged, but accomplished as the trainers help me to reach my full potential at each session.  I have great satisfaction, knowing the trainers and dietitians at One on One are consistently progressing my fitness and nutritional habits to help me achieve long term success.

The staff at One on One is amazing! I truly feel they are one-hundred percent dedicated to helping me as an individual, always being there to keep me on track and motivate me. I have a long way to go in my journey, but One on One stresses that I “focus on the process” by prioritizing my personal health and wellbeing. 

Thanks to everyone at One on One! It feels great to be able to use my experience to help others like me who are searching for help and in need of the guidance of true professionals to get back on track towards living healthier and more fulfilling lifestyles.

Lewis Foltz

Mifflin, PA

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