A little more than twelve years ago, I was working eighty-plus hours a week, under constant stress and filled with anxiety. My physical condition – overweight and with both high blood pressure and high cholesterol – was the product of a lifestyle of too much work, and too little physical fitness. I was pushing 50-years old and the perfect candidate for something unpleasant to happen.

It was then that Kym and Bruce helped convince me to take responsibility for my family, my business, and for me by becoming healthy and staying physically fit. They and the staff at One-on-One took a personal interest in me. They designed a program of regular aerobic and weight training aimed at helping me attain my goals. My steady progress was never without their support and encouragement.

As my physical condition improved, I noticed other changes in my life. I still had a hectic and long work week, but I had more energy and did not feel the stress I had in the past. My thought process was more clear and focused, and I was able to handle the problems with a better mental attitude. My self-esteem was also greatly improved.

My family and friends noticed the difference too. They tell me, I became easier to talk to and live with, and generally more fun to be around.

A program of physical conditioning requires a commitment of resources, both in time and money. But it also requires the professional guidance and personal interest offered by Bruce, Kym, and the staff at One-on-One. They got me started and made sure I stayed focused. They are knowledgeable professionals who are totally committed to the business of physical fitness. It has been over twelve years, and their interest in my on-going physical well-being is as intense as it was when I began.

Anyone thinking of changing their lifestyle as I did should look into One-on-One. A professionally designed program to meet your specific needs and a staff that takes a genuine interest in helping you to attain your physical fitness goal is the way to begin. One-on-One offers both!

Love may give you happiness and contentment; financial success may give you stability and the freedom to live the way you declare; but, it’s health that makes it all possible.