Mind and Body : Commitment and Balance
Heart and Soul : Understanding and Passion

These words come to mind when I reflect on my year and a half at One on One. These words describe One on One the organization and One on One the staff and trainers. These words describe what One on One has instilled in me – both ‘on and off the court’.

Like my education, a deep felt commitment to physical fitness and health has been transformative. Many who begin at One on One might wonder whether we can make our commitment stick. We might ask, can I really achieve my goals this time? The answer for me has been ‘yes’. I have come to think of One on One as the best insurance policy around. We all need motivation and someone to cheer us on. I found that at One on One. We all need to know that it’s ok if we tried before and fell short. What counts is to try again. At my consultation I found understanding and acceptance of the condition I was in when I first came to One on One. I also found a dedication to making sure I could achieve my goals; all I had to do was to match the same dedication that One on One’s professional trainers give to me. It’s something I feel every time I walk through the door.

In a short time, I was seeing the results of my effort toward my goals. One on One helped me understand the value of good habits and how to make exercise become a simple part of my daily routine. Once that was imbedded in me, we tackled nutrition. The trainers’ knowledge in the area of nutrition and healthy eating has been a cornerstone to my weight loss success over the past four months. I learned that if I would just do the math, then I could count on the results. That alone has given me the confidence to stick with my program.

The professionals at One on One know just how to tailor a fitness program to meet your needs and goals. Their holistic approach to fitness and health is comprised of many parts that take care of mind and body, and heart and soul. For me, the results I am getting are greater than the sum of those parts.

Anna Griswold
Warriors Mark, PA

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