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One on One’s Longevity Series: Sleep

For this week and going forward, enjoy the benefits of getting seven to eight hours of restful sleep each night by making these behavioral changes. You will be glad you did!

Meal Prep for Beginners

Meal prep does not have to be overwhelming or take hours of our time. Rather, it can be an efficient way to help maintain a healthy diet, as well as reduce the stress that often surrounds cooking.

Nutrition for Performance

No matter your goals, consuming the right nutrients at the right times is key to replenishing and rebuilding your muscles.

Smart Snacking

While snacking on foods that are calorie dense and have low nutritional value (chips, cookies, pretzels, etc.) is generally not recommended, intelligent snacking between meals can play an important role in a healthy diet.

Training While Traveling

With Spring Break in full swing, now is a good time to consider your fitness goals and make plans to maintain your exercise frequency. Regardless of your location or situation, you must have the “tools” to train yourself effectively.

Back to Basics: Gratitude vs Deprivation

Successfully meeting our health/fitness objectives requires changing our perspectives, thus creating a “new normal”. This week we will share two more Core Beliefs, “Gratitude vs. Deprivation” and “Acceptance.”

Back to Basics: We Always Have Choices

When we develop and practice this paradigm shift, the “in the moment” decisions we make all day long will be consistent with what is truly important to us…being healthy and happy.

Back to Basics: Healthy and Happy

Over the next four weeks, we are going back to basics by focusing on “why” we desire to exercise and eat right, as well as how to develop an action plan and overcome roadblocks.

Strategies to Succeed: Communication

Poor communication inevitably causes problems and stress that, unlike many of the other “curveballs” life throws at us, are totally preventable.

Strategies to Succeed: Inventory Taking

Inventory taking is nothing more than taking a formal examination of our efforts and habits in all areas of our lives (relationships, career, health, etc.). It is a proactive process that helps us identify if we are on track to attain our goals, or are coming up a little short.

Optimizing your Cardio Training

The benefits of cardio training are numerous. However, if not done intelligently, we run the risk of injury and diminishing returns.

Metabolic Resistance Training

While steady state exercise (jogging, cycling, etc.) has many benefits, you just can’t beat high intensity Metabolic Resistance Training when it comes to time-efficiency and effectiveness!

Thriving Through the Holidays

Contrary to popular belief, the holiday season does not need to lead to poor eating, weight gain and a lack of focus towards your health goals.

Calorie Dense vs. Nutrient Dense

The nutritional quality of the calories that we eat each day can have a significant impact on our efforts towards healthier living, disease prevention, and weight loss.

Are you a “Dabbler”?

For 35+ years, we've have had the privilege of helping thousands of people navigate through their “wellness journey”. If there is one piece of advice we would share to ensure lasting success, it is to start with the right mindset and use a measured approach.

Lat Pulldowns

In addition to strengthening several muscles of the upper body, lat pulldowns also play a key role in improving posture and spinal stabilization.

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