I am a 72 year old retired Penn State professor and an enthusiastic client (I prefer the “title” of trainee) of One on One. I was very active playing handball from about age 10 to 50, with tennis added in the summer. From about 50 to 60 I switched to racquet ball, a less strenuous sport, but still one in which you chase a ball, my requirement for a fun sport. At about age 60 I started to lose vision in my right eye and the depth perception that goes with it, so I had to stop chasing fast-moving balls and quickly became an out-of- shape couch potato. During this time I observed my wife, a One on One trainee, going in the opposite direction. She was getting more energy, stronger, better posture, and she claimed that she actually enjoyed working out at One on One. After a couple of months her urging me to give One on One a try, I gave in. Two years later I am happy to write this enthusiastic fan letter describing my experience.

At my first visit to One on One I met with Kym and told her my medical history, exercise history, and my doubts that working out without chasing a ball could be beneficial and fun. She encouraged me to give the program a try and signed me up to work out 30 minutes, 3 times a week, with her or Jeff. First I want to comment on the very pleasant atmosphere at One on One. All the trainers quickly learned my name, smiled when they saw me, and greeted me coming and going. Kym and Jeff started me out on relatively easy exercises custom designed for me to get stronger and increase endurance without hurting my torn shoulder ligaments or SI-joint problems. Even though they greeted me at every session with a written schedule of exercises, they quickly made changes if I reported any aches or pains. This flexibility on the part of the trainers is, I think, one of the great strengths of the program.

After about a year, I started working out with Jeff and Megan. Megan looks like, and reminds me of, the many college students I taught and miss after 40 years of teaching at Penn State. When she seems to particularly enjoy giving me some difficult exercise to perform, I remind her that her pleasure probably comes from our role reversal. Now she is the teacher and I am the student.

About a year ago I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. When I told Megan, on her own initiative and time, she consulted various books about Parkinson’s and taught me new exercises recommended to strengthen muscles and improve balance, the two things recommended for Parkinson’s patients. Knock on wood, my symptoms have remained mild, I think to the credit of One on One. My neurologist recently said that I am doing very well, and my orthopedic surgeon said that my increase in strength is amazing. Both of these physicians asked me where I work out, and I proudly said One on One.

Bob Stern, State College, PA
Client since October 2007

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