“Soon after I started working out at One on One Kym stopped by to say that I always seemed to be smiling. Last year after 4 ½ months with a slowly healing broken leg, any movement was truly pleasurable. But, that smile also represented a bit of self-satisfaction at getting the help I needed to get my leg and body back in shape. I have always been active and enjoyed outdoors adventures, but years of long work hours and other commitments had reduced my exercise time and intensity and allowed the pounds to creep on. I attributed my lack of energy to getting older.

After being sidelined for months I was ready to drop the excuses, get back in shape and lose those pounds. Initially, I had no muscle tone in half of my body and walking was painful. I knew fairly quickly that my old idea of a workout wasn’t going to get me where I needed to be.

I started with One on One and felt awkward and a bit fearful at first doing new exercises. But, everyone seemed very knowledgeable and I started to relax and trust their vision. Special thanks go to Cam who pushed me just enough to make steady progress without allowing me to overdo it. With time and patience I regained full function of my leg and rebalanced my body. Once I was able to move efficiently, it was easier to get my metabolism up and work on the weight loss.

As a registered dietitian, I knew what I needed to do with the diet component of the plan. I reduced portion sizes and ate three regular protein-rich meals a day with no snacking. I cut out refined grains and added sugar. I enjoy favorite foods in moderation. The program Cam designed made sure that my metabolism was activated with each workout. I gained muscle mass and lost 30 pounds in 24 weeks. You can’t get much better than that for a 50+ year-old woman.

For anyone hoping for weight loss, I can say with authority that you do not need any special foods or supplements. There are no shortcuts. I worked hard and was disciplined with food and exercise, but the training at One on One lit the fire to my metabolism.

Seven months into my recovery I’m still gradually losing weight while gaining muscle. The change in my energy level is remarkable. I weigh what I did twenty years ago but am actually stronger now. My cholesterol and changed body composition amaze my doctor. If you see me smiling while running on the treadmill or giving the rower a good workout, I’m still loving the feeling of movement but also probably planning future adventures. I still have a few mountains to climb and rivers to run. Thanks guys!”

Brenda Eissenstat, State College, PA
Client since July 2010

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