Dear Kym and Bruce,

I just wanted you to know that my experience with One on One in State College has been nothing but the best. I feel very forunate to have found and joined your fitness center. I have made great strides in my fitness level, lost 3 inches from my waistline and have noticed that my endurance level and strength is getting stronger every month. I feel better physically now than when I was a much younger person. I was diagnosed with depression a couple of years ago and I have discovered that my workouts are helping me feel better mentally as well as physically.

One on One is a perfect fit for me because I get the structure that I need to get the most from my workouts, plus I think it would be easy to skip exercising if I didn’t already have my appointments scheduled ahead of time.

Thank you for choosing Brad as my trainer. He is a great asset to you, but I’m sure you already know that. He has planned my workouts so that I am getting the results I am looking for. He is a very conscientious, intelligent young man and I find it very easy and comfortable to work with him. He is just an all around good kid and pleasant to be around.

I am looking forward to the opening of your new facility. I’ve never belonged to a fitness center before so I have nothing to compare it to, but I’m sure the new location will be great!

Take care and it’s been a pleasure getting to know you these past months.

Best regards,

Curt Steele, State College, PA
Client since August 2004

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