I once lived with the constant struggle of being overweight. Fad diets, aching joints, and weight fluctuations literally weighed me down. In 2015, after discovering I was at the highest weight of my life, I was officially at rock bottom. It was time for a change.

On May 16, 2016, my entire life changed. I had gastric bypass surgery. Life after surgery was tough, but I remained encouraged because I was losing weight at a steady pace.

Eventually I hit a plateau and got concerned about a post-surgery “regain.” After speaking with my doctor, he recommended I find a personal trainer. For me, having the accountability of working with a fitness professional was appealing.

I inquired about One on One and met with Ryan for an informational session. I immediately felt welcomed and quickly knew I belonged at One on One. Their client-centered philosophy supported my objective to create a lifestyle of healthy habits for the long-term.

Working with the One on One team members has been awesome! My experience is about so much more than workouts. They provide the accountability necessary to support my commitment to a healthy lifestyle. I’m happy to say that as a result of my training at One on One, I am sustaining exercise and nutrition habits that I historically struggled with in the past.

My training sessions are awesome! They challenge me to the edge of my limits and I always leave my sessions feeling successful. Without my trainers encouraging me, I wouldn’t be thriving like I am today. Recently, I walked my first 2 mile course and hiked up to Humpback Rocks on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  I plan on walking a 4 mile event and will continue to challenge myself thanks to the One on One! I would have NEVER attempted these goals a year ago.

Dan, John K, and the One on One team, you have my deepest gratitude.  You have made me stronger and have given me the confidence to challenge myself and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.  

I am proud to be a part of the One on One family.  The commitment they show to their clients is the true testament to the individual successes we each enjoy.  

Debbie Young

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