I just have to share my story because One on One Fitness has made such an impact on my life. Kym and Bruce have done an amazing job with this business.

For starters, the trainers are professional yet very friendly. In the year and half that I’ve been with One on One, I have been pleasantly surprised every time a new trainer comes on board. I keep waiting for the one that isn’t quite up to par with the others but it just never happens! Every trainer, as I already said, is very friendly and professional!

This tells me that Kym and Bruce have a keen eye and unwavering standards for the people they hire. If you are a trainer at One on One, you should consider it a compliment and acknowledgement of your excellent qualities as a professional.

There’s absolutely no intimidation factor at this State College gym. Actually, calling it a “gym” doesn’t quite feel right. It’s more like a place of personal strength training, training that is at first physical, but over time strengthens you as a person as well.

Last year they sent around a survey to their customers. I filled it out and added plenty of comments. I then received a call from Kym (co-owner) to talk about it. I was completely impressed by Kym’s personal response to the survey. That has never happened to me before and just goes to show the seriousness and dedication with which she and Bruce run the business.

Joining One on One through my company, this was the first time I ever stuck to a workout routine. One day, a few weeks before the survey came around and about 6 months into my training with One on One, I looked down at my legs and noticed that my legs had muscles that I had never noticed before! Where the quad connects near the knee cap just looked huge (for me, anyway)! I was so excited as this was the first time I’d ever seen results from working out.

When Kym called me about the survey she asked me about how I was doing with weight loss. I told her that I hadn’t really focused on that, but, given my excitement from the results I was experiencing, I decided now would be a good time to start on it. And so we did.

The best part about working with One on One with weight loss is that they really understand that humans are different and fallible. With that in mind, they didn’t put me on some diet or try to get me into some make-or-break, intense, high-pressure weight loss program. Instead, they had me start out small. In my case this meant that when I get McDonald’s in the morning, try getting just the burrito and not the whole meal.

With that first little success, I started changing other parts of my eating behavior a little bit at a time. Working with the trainers, they gently but encouragingly ask me about how things are going. I also scheduled regular sessions where instead of a workout we just talked about weight loss.

Now it’s almost a year later and I’ve lost almost 25 pounds. I am all the healthier and happier for it. Rest assured that I would not have started, and would not have sustained the weight loss without One on One and their approach.

It was a great joy when I got to give Kym a hug at the Christmas party just to express my happiness and gratitude for the impact she and her trainers have had in my life. I work on fixing computers, and this makes people happy. But One on One makes people healthier, which gives them life itself, and that is priceless.

Don Mulvihill, State College, PA
Client since April 2008

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