In 1989, I had some cartilage removed from my knee. It was a fairly simple operation, but I couldn’t get it back to normal. That is when I first came to One on One and began what has been a long, very successful relationship.

Like many people my age, I’ve experienced a number of medical issues over the years. That first knee surgery was 20 years ago. Since then, I’ve had a disc removed from my back, heart bypass surgery and an operation on my other knee. In addition, I was in a car accident five years ago. I wasn’t injured badly at the time, but several weeks later I developed whiplash and the pain was miserable.

After each incident, I came back to One on One and they met me where I needed to be met. Without them, I certainly don’t think I’d be capable of doing what I’m doing today.

Once you get past 60, your body changes. For 20 years, the trainers at One on One have challenged me, but done so while taking into account my age and medical history. I actually like to exercise. I enjoy the experience of working hard and feel good about it afterward.

I’ll be 68 in May and am very active. In addition to my work, I also golf, sail, and work in the garden. I am physically capable of enjoying whatever I choose to do. I don’t necessarily want to live longer – I want to live well while I’m living. Quality of life is the goal, and One on One has helped make it reality.

Glenn Fleming is the director of Koch Funeral Home. He lives with his wife Margie in State College, Pennsylvania where he is an active member of the community.

Client since February 1989

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