What a difference you have made in my quality of life! Until I started working out at One on One, I had never exercised regularly for more than six months at a time. I was never an athlete and truly hated exercise, so staying with a program was a little like taking unpleasant medication that I would rather avoid in spite of that fact that I knew it was good for me.

As I was approaching the “Big Five-Oh,” I became more concerned with my future quality of life. I finally began to realize that I needed to work at staying fit and healthy for the next half century of my life if I was going to enjoy it as much as the first. The first time you met with me, I was extremely nervous. I knew I needed help, and I didn’t want to look bad! Not only did you make me feel good about taking that first step toward fitness, you continue to encourage me every step of the way.

Although having a set appointment to meet with a personal trainer is key to the program for me, just as important is the enthusiasm that you and all the staff at One on One have for my total fitness program. Without scheduled appointments and enthusiastic support, I’m sure my experience would have become another in a string of six month experiments, followed by years of inactivity. Instead, I am in my third year at One on One and can’t imagine a healthy life without you!

Jacki Hunt, State College, PA
Client since January 1997

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