I recently completed One on One University’s 8 week Personal Fitness Training Instructor Program and would like to say a few words about my exceptional experience. I couldn’t imagine having the same opportunity anywhere else.

I am currently working on my Undergraduate Degree in Kinesiology. The training I received from One on One University’s Training Program has enabled me to have a true hands on experience. No cadavers or online presentations, just real life physical applications. This course finally helped me understand and combine all of the knowledge from my classes by seeing movement science in motion and practically applying it to the human body.

One on One is not your everyday personal training facility. Accordingly, One on One University is not an ordinary training program. One on One’s culture is committed to excellence. There are few differences between their very selective and highly qualified professional training staff, their training principles or their training techniques. The differences solely rely on the clients’ or students’ determination to achieve their personal fitness goals or their ability to become a successful personal trainer. One on One University and One on One’s personal fitness training services truly live up to their name by always providing a truly personal experience to their students and clients.

Throughout the program, One on One continually educated and enabled me to observe and learn all aspects of their company’s business, unique training principles and philosophies. This program inescapably provides a constant enhancement of knowledge in fitness education. At the same time, it provides personal mentorship from its primary instructor and General Manager, Jeff Buxton.

This program not only provides its students with technical proficiency, but a real comprehension of what it takes to be a professional and successful personal trainer in today’s market. I learned to read and interpret a client’s body languag: facial expressions, posture, and form. It teaches its students how to create and provide each individual client with his or her own personalized fitness programs. Every person has a different level of fitness. I learned how to set each individual I work with up for success. The staff, along with owners Bruce and Kym Burke, are eager to provide direction and mentorship.

One on One University has completely changed my own personal philosophy of fitness training and has extensively increased my knowledge and experience as a personal trainer. As a trainer, I can only hope and strive to achieve the same level of expertise and professionalism that One on One displays. Without a doubt, this experience will help me do that.

Jason Bautista
One on One University, Summer 2009

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